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Recorded Meetings:

you can record meetings in order to listen and save for later playback what was essential that was missed earlier during the meeting or video calls.

Cross-Platform Support:

Whether you use Android, iOS or Windows,we have an app for you. Your clients or customers can also download the app free to join sessions from anywhere

Monitor Live Conversation

With the ability to monitor conversations in real time, you can now make sure that no one violates any rules. You don’t have to be physically present to monitor audio and video calls. You can now do this remotely.


Professionally its very important to secure data that are discussed in chats or video calls thats why no unauthorized user can access your data.

24/7 support:

Any queries or if any problem arises , we are available 24/7 for your help.

Instant chats/Calls:

We assure you that there would be no delays during the meetings as it affects the productivity of a company .

Easily Manage:

This software is designed in a way that anyone either he/she is a kid or an adult above sixty years old or a youngster ; everone can use and manage as its interface is extremely easy to use .

Instant Calls and Messages :

Now no need to wait when sending heavy videos or documents to someone or disturbance during the calls as hashmeetings having a feature of an instant calls and messages.


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